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wingbox Inc.


A company based in Manila, Philippines was founded in 2014. The group are composed of mainly of aviation engineers and legal counsel with extensive experience in aviation related matters. The company primary purpose is to provide consulting, advisory, and technical services to persons, associations, corporations, partnerships, or other entities on aviation related issues, including but not limited to data gathering, analysis, rendering technical advice, providing contract review on and/or administrative assistance and similar services in the operation, maintenance, management, and delivery or redelivery of aircraft and proper documentation thereof and other matters in connection with aviation business.


Through our partner/s we also offer aircraft maintenance and ground handling work. The vision that we aspire to is to become the preferred and renowned team of choice in providing aviation services locally, regionally, and globally.

Sister companies

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Coming soon

CANOPY INNOVATIVE SYSTEM INC is a sister company of Wingbox Aviation that have a mission to bridge the theoretical and technical gap between the academe and industry requirements by providing supplemental training to students.




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Our company though small but with sense of pride, we always have 
a strong convictions and great commitment on high quality services. 
With our team that share same principle and virtue toward good 
attitude and great character that those people can provide services 
on Technical Consultancy/Advisory which have expertise’s in


1) Aircraft Delivery and Return,
2) Fleet Technical Management and
3) Quality Assurance.

We are very selective in our team but we can source out specific 
skills of people if needed.
In addition, we offer service for aircraft maintenance and ground 
handling through our MRO/AMO partners.


With the whole team accumulated experienced of more than 100+
+ aircrafts deliveries and returns that combined worked with 
Airlines and Lessors. With the management that focus in 
understanding the requirements of the customers. Which will give 
the best value in monetary and quality services.

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