Our cumulative experience and industry knowledge enables us to understand each client’s unique needs for their business. We place great emphasis in building an Aircrafts Returns and Deliveries Consultancy/Advisories program, Fleet Technical Management plan and Quality Assurance program that best suites each business.

Maintaining a focus on safety and cost control, our objective is also to return client aircraft to service on time with minimum ground time. Detailed monitoring, accurate analysis and assessments, and timely forward planning of maintenance data and activities can assist in lowering costs and enhance safety.


     a.  Technical Advisory/Consultancy Program


  • Wingbox Aviation have a team of Technical Aviation Consultants that can provide advisory or consultancy for on-site or off-site projects. 

  • From Management of Aircraft Delivery-Redelivery Project, Check Management, inspections and audits (for pre-purchase,pre-delivery, mid-term or regular audits) and records build-up for aircraft returns or sales, that the Lessors, Aircrafts Owners and Airlines would need a support, for Aircraft Physical and Aircrafts Documentations we can provide people or team to manage the jobs.

  • We have experienced Quality Assurance people, Mechanics or Engineers,Technical Service/Engineering and Technical Records People that we can arrange for short/interim or long project works. Other skills we may provide assistance also if needed.


        b.  Fleet Technical Management


  • The way we look on Fleet Technical Management is a critical element of seamlessly minimal disruption to operations. It impacts the brand, profitability and operational success.  

  • Our fleet management program encompasses a range of capabilities. Covering all engineering, maintenance and technical support for airline customer. Once you select our services, we engage with you immediately and continue to work with you through implementation and product adoption. 

  • FTM major areas that we handle will be from Maintenance Planning, Scheduling Management, Aircraft Configuration Control, Engineering/ Technical Services, Quality Services and Technical Records Management.

  • We offer Fleet Technical Management (FTM) plus OASES IT/MIS system                                                                                                           

  • OASES system functionality and features provided an excellent tool for technical management.

  • Wingbox Aviation Inc. has chosen COMMSOFT Open Aviation Strategic Engineering System (OASES) industry leading aircraft maintenance information system [MIS] to support its diversifying fleet technical management operations.

COMMSOFT overview :

  •  A privately owned, UK based company and trusted industry partner for over 40 years.

  •  Customer base has grown steadily worldwide to over 80 contracts. OASES serves 130++ aviation customers in 55 countries, 6 continents 

  • A dedicated ‘best of breed’ aviation software offering and using latest technologies and Oracle® database.

  • Common working platform accessibility and ease in functionality enhancement, system deployment and application.

  •  It was designed for 24/7 operation and available via internet/ web (anywhere).   

    • Importantly, OASES has a standby server, back-up system runs simultaneously mirrored in real time event.


Values of Our Service



Either aircraft is own or lease, it is understandable that value of the assets need to retain in an optimal condition. This is to translate a better price of the airplane when decided to sell or can avoid a huge expenses and penalty during the return of the aircraft. Wingbox Aviation team understand this very crucial requirement, thus our expert and the rest of the group work toward to this goal.

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