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technical management

With the young and vibrant management that leading the team, which have flexible attitude & openness toward new ideas and 
innovations, but with a strong character in adhering the standard are the traits that the management team possessed.


Engr. Darmilo Sosa (CEO/Managing Director) – “Dar” brings 18 years’ extensive experience in aircraft leasing, technical consultant, 
engineering and fleet technical management from various airline, MRO and aviation consultant sectors. He graduated in the Philippines 
State College of Aeronautics with the degree of Aircraft Maintenance Technology. He continued his education in PATTS the degree of 
Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Engineering. After passing the National Board exam for Aeronautical Engineer, he worked at South 
East Asian Airlines as a Technical Service Engineer/Quality Engineer. Two years after, he started his own business in Aircraft servicing and 
took the position of General Manager for ASTECH Aviation. He went to Singapore Airline Engineering Company to work under the Fleet 
Management Program in 2007. In 2009, he returned to Philippines and served as the Head of the Engineering of Zest Airways. He got a 
short stint of work with Air Asia Philippines as a Manager of Engineering. In 2012, he started his career with the aircraft leasing as a 
Technical Consultant when legacy ILFC signed him in the group, then eventually it was AerCap Aviation that let him continued the job. 
Concurrently he is providing Technical Consulting with AerCap Aviation, VX Capital and SGI Aviation for aircrafts returns and deliveries.

He founded Wingbox Aviation in 2014 in which until now he is handling the Chief Executive Officer/Managing Director position.


Engr. Billy Joel Javier Liquido (Head of Training) – graduated as BS in Aeronautical Engineering in PATTS. Well skilled individual having 17 years experience in aviation, formerly worked at South East Asian Airline before going to Singapore to worked with SIA Engineering Company Fleet Management Division in 2006. His a dedicated person and has an ability to plan, schedule, and handle many different tasks at once. Committed to give his best in everything” 


Engr. Shealtiel Ursulum (Technical Director) – “Allen” had 14 years of career 
with aviation leasing, consultancy and engineering, technical services, fleet 
technical management and maintenance planning. Prior to joining Wingbox, 
he worked and has a vital role with numerous airline and respective aircraft 
leasing. He was graduated with a degree Aeronautical Engineering. He used 
to work with South East Asian Airline, Zest Airline, Air Asia Philippines. SAE-EADS, FD Aviation and Aim Fleet Aviation. Concurrently he is a Technical 
Consultant for VX Capital Aircraft Leasing.

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